Sunday, January 3, 2010

Approval is never enough

Approval...What a small thing, it seems. To many in the world, it is very small. I mean, we like it and we get it, but not many of us NEED it. I mean to say, there are many people who are happy to get approval from their family, friends, and those that are close to them. The Fat Chick--she is never okay with just a little approval. It's something that can't be given enough. In fact, since the Fat Chick can't get approval for appearance, she will go to extra lengths to find approval in other ways. There are so many other ways. Buying friends, having sex, lying...whatever it takes. Most Fat Chicks are overachievers. They will go the extra mile in all things. All things, except for taking care of themselves in a way that will help them with their weight. It isn't that Fat Chicks aren't aware of nutrition and exercise requirements. Fat Chicks can quote that information better than any nutritionist. It's that they feel there is no hope for them to join the Thin World. So, the Fat Chick will get good at something else. Perhaps it is academics, perhaps it is arts and crafts. Many times, it is something else self-destructive. Binging and purging, multiple sex partners, laxative use, hurting others hoping that there will be acceptance from the 'in crowd.' Approval is an ugly beast and rears its head more and more and more, with each passing day of the Fat Chicks life. More and more problems pop up and the self-loathing increases...we all know where that leads. To more eating. Vicious, vicious cycle!