Monday, December 27, 2010

From Obesity Help....

Does anyone remember the awful loneliness of not doing things with people because you were fat (I’m not sugar coating things here so …)

Does anyone remember how you felt when people looked at you and said something about your weight? Or even the “gawd she’s fat” looks? The shame you would feel as you shoved yet another fork full of food into your mouth?

Does anyone remember the sense of isolation in the try on rooms – “damn I gained more weight and have to go a size up again?” Getting pissed and leaving without buying anything?

and I won’t mention those dark thoughts when it was time to try on bathing suits and shorts and tank tops

Remember being hungry all the damned time and not being able to control it and people said “gee, if you had just a little more self control you could lose the weight…” – remember?

Remember when you walked and your thighs rubbed together? Remember that burning feeling?

Remember fighting back tears? Hating the scale? Hating yourself and your lack of control. Hating that each time you dieted you lost it and gained it all back, and then some? Remember the sense of failure?

And I won’t remind you of those pangs in your gut when you looked at yourself in the mirror, naked. Or photos.