Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh no! I am fat

About two months ago, I was setting out on a new adventure. I had gastric bypass surgery on March 22, 2010. It has been wonderful. It has inspired me to write this blog. However, about a week after I was out of the hospital, I took my son to McDonald's and allowed him to eat and play at the Play Land. It was going pretty well, until this woman (I would call her something else, but that is childish) came. She was feuding with another mom, because this other mom insisted that her child was pushed. The woman was yelling and screaming. She was insisting that "her daughter would never push another child." Unfortunately, this 'woman' was not even in the vicinity of the play area, and wouldn't have known if her child had pushed another kid or not. This didn't stop her from being an idiot! After about 5 minutes of this, I wasn't able to keep my mouth shut. I said to the 'woman'--"You weren't even in here when it happened? Why don't you just deal with your child and quit being aggressive?" She got really upset and said, "If you would get up off your chair, you might have seen something." She was insinuating that I couldn't get off my chair, and was referencing my size. I know a lot of you think that this isn't something she was doing, but it certainly was. This type of stuff happens all the time. I should have said, "What? I am fat? Oh my, how did that happen?" Instead,I called her a name that I won't repeat and nearly got into a fist fight. I know, really mature. This is when I realized that I truly am an Angry Fat Chick. I am angry about a lot of things, but I am really angry that people see me and see me only as fat. I think that it is a travesty of justice that people judge others by their size, skin color, looks, etc. It's just wrong! However, I learned from this experience that I was judging the 'woman' too! I was judging her to be opinionated, rude, and neglectful of her children. I bet she is multiple things (and not only opinionated, rude and neglectful of her children), just like I am more than just a fat person. How does one really learn to accept themselves and each other?