Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting Started

In this world, being fat is tough. Not tough like fighting cancer or being abused by a spouse, but every day tough, like having a bad hair day EVERY day. I don't say this to get sympathy, but I do write to give some semblance of understanding to the skinny world what it is like to be fat. I quickly learned that people really don't care about the fat chick, but since this is a free blog, I will write anyway.

One of the funniest and most ironic experiences of being a fat chick is that you are invisible. I mean, you are fat, so it should be easy for people to see you; however, you are like a ghost. A non-entity. A no-one. And, because of this, you suffer and you eat. You eat to get bigger and be noticed. You eat to feel better. You eat, well, to eat. And, with each bite, you get more lost in the sea of other invisible people (like the homeless, or mentally ill, or poor). You get so lost that you yourself are not able to locate where you begin or where you end. So lost, that you might not ever be found again.

But, on this day, I am looking for me...for the real me, for what I am and what I will become. And, I vow, to no longer be the Angry (and invisible) Fat Chick.

Will you join me?

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