Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The next 5...

6.  Go somewhere without being made fun of.  Within a week of surgery, I took my little one to McDonald's to the playland.  (I know, I know).  He was playing in the area and a pair of mom's were going at it, because one mom's child was mean to the other mom's child.  One mom was not anywhere near the play area, and when she was called out on that, she got upset.  She was getting aggressive, so I said, "You need to calm down and resolve this without being aggressive."  She said, "What do you know, if you could even get out of that chair to play with your kid, maybe you would have seen what was going on?"  I had WLS the week before, but I was so tempted to show her how fast a 500 lb woman could move and show her what could happen.  As it is, I can now play and enjoy the play area, and we don't go often, but we do go (after all, it's not about the food - it's about the behaviors and the other stuff.

7.   Enjoy a day out without sweating to death - I haven't been able to spend time doing things without sweating to death.  I mean, I couldn't do anything without sweating.  I would sweat, and sweat, and sweat.  It was very embarrassing.  I would walk 10 feet and would sweat.  That doesn't happen anymore.  I am very cold much of the time, primarily as a side effect of WLS, but it's nice not to sweat soo much :)

8.  I can't fit into an amusement park ride:  Over the summer, I was able to fit in an amusement park ride and it was a lot of fun. I couldn't believe how much fun it was to get to be in a ride with my child. In 2007, I went to Disneyland with the family and I couldn't barely walk around the park.  In fact, I rented one of those machines on one day.  So, in less than three years, I have returned to the land of the amusement park rather than being the amusement to others (yes, there really are those types of mean people out there).

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